My working parts list is here

12/13/09: I was asked today about the rough dimensions of the 03 Cobra intake heat exchanger, so I documented them for future reference.  This information is for planning purposes only and no fabrication at all should be done based on it.  You can download the drawing here.


I cleaned the parts I have acquired for the front of the engine and test installed them. Click here for the pictures.


Received the new timing cover and test fit it to the block on the engine stand:

Timing Cover


I received the CP pistons and Manley H-beam connecting rods.  I am documenting the rotating assembly work here.


I continued working on the  port work on the heads today.


I started the port work on the heads today.


The guys at A&M found a lower profile PCV elbow (3/8x3/8) that fit perfectly.  A&M's part number is AEP 731660, but the bag said EDELMANN 731660.  It clears the block valley easily, so I installed it today.  I used anaerobic gasket eliminator on the pipe threads.


I port matched the intake manifold to the gaskets.

I tried cranking the PCV elbow as far into the lower intake as I could get it, but it would not clear the valley of the block when I put the intake back on the heads.  The hole will have to be tapped deeper, enough to get all of the threads on the elbow into the lower intake manifold.


I ground down the bosses and the tabs in the valley of the block to provide clearance for the 03 Cobra lower intake manifold.


I disassembled the driver's side head.


I disassembled the passenger side head in preparation for port matching and a mild port and polish.


I tried using vice grips to pull the rusty locating dowels out of the block.  I tried heating the block and spraying freeze spray on the locating dowels and whacking the vice grip with a hammer, but they would not budge.  I finally put some gaffer tape on the block around the pins, and used a small pipe-wrench to break them free and then rotate them till they came out.  Here are the pictures of the head locating dowels:

and the transmission dowels:


I CC'd the combustion chambers.  Fortunately, all of the combustion chambers were exactly at 52CCs per the spec for 03 Cobra heads.


I built a jig to hold and level each head in preparation for CC'ing the combustion chambers.


I decided to work on the driver's side valve cover to add some aluminum screen inside the baffles that lead to the PCV valve.  This mod was listed in the 96-98 Cobra forum on this post: .  It was at the link labled "Eliminate Oil in Your Intake ~ Valve Cover Baffle Mod".  Since they moved to a new server, the link has been broken till this date.  I have documented this mod here.

The fuel rail modification is also done and is documented here.

Here is the Teksid block on the engine stand with the 03 Cobra heads on it with the lower 03 Cobra intake manifold with the modified fuel rail on it.  Note the 96-98 Cobra valve covers on the heads.


Received the used Teksid block today.  Here are the pictures of the packaging and the block.


Started preparing the fuel rail for modification to fit the 03/04 lower intake manifold.  This document by zak97cobra describes how he adapted a return style fuel rail to a 99+ intake: "How to" Guide for fitting return-style rails on a returnless style intake.  Unlike Zak's mod, I found that by bending the driver's side of the rail so that the crossover hoses point a bit further backwards, I did not have to remove the crossover hoses to replace them with shorter ones.   Also, with the 03/04 Cobra intake, it looks like I will not need to do a cutout on any of the mounting brackets.

3/17/07: Received the ARP main studs from Summit Racing.  I ordered the ARP-256-5701 kit, which is for the modular with a windage tray.  FYI, the 256 prefix is ARP's hardest fastener family.  The ARP-256-4201 head stud kit was on backorder but has since arrived.

3/10/07: Brought home the new 03 Cobra heads (plus timing chains and hardware) that I bought from Black2000GT.  They are heavy SOBs.