Candlestick '65

Submitted by Phil LeBrun

Thanks to Phil LeBrun for submitting a number of pages from his 1965 Candlestick sports car race program. Unfortunately, due to a computer (read operator) error, the file containing the color scan of the cover was corrupted and is not available. However, 11 pages of interest to Tiger and Cobra owners are available.

Page 7 (409K) contains a Cobra and 350 G.T. ad from S&C Motors.
Page 11 (337K) contains a Sunbeam Tiger ad.
Page 16 (379K) contains an ad for the Union Jack Garage.
Page 27 (378K) contains a picture of Jim Adams in competition as well as a listing for his race.
Page 29 (408K) contains an ad for Stan Peterson's Autocourse Inc.
Page 30 (425K) lists L.C. Thomas from Eugene Ore. driving a red Sunbeam car #41 (must be an Alpine since it is F Production Class.)
Page 31 (388K) contains an ad for Cable Car Motors.
Page 36 (467K) contains a Cobra-Mustang ad for Hayward Ford.
Page 37 (490K) shows a Cobra in competition.
Page 38(404K) shows a young Carroll Shelby along with his bio.
Page 33 (402K) shows a race map.

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