Mark Olson's 1996 Ford Mustang Cobra

VIN Number: 1FALP47V4TF111921

Assembled: 10/26/1995 at the Dearborn Assembly Plant

Vehicle #: 1407 of a build of 7496

See below for the list of modifications

Mark Olson Cobra 1


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Side Views IAT Sensor Relocation & IMRC Delete Project VSS Calculator - Calculates VSS signals with different tires, gear ratios and speedometer gears GT500 Clutch Install
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Kenne Bell 1.7L supercharger at 6#, with IAT Sensor relocated after the blower
- Autometer Phantom mechanical boost gauge and electrical fuel pressure gauge in instrument cluster bezel pods
- IMRC delete
- Volant CAI
- 90mm Lightning MAF
- 42# injectors
- D&D BA3
Tremec T56 6 speed transmission, Ford 4.6 (mech.), 500ft-lbs, 2.97, 2.07, 1.43, 1.00, 0.80, 0.62
- D&D BG45 26 Spline input shaft upgrade
- D&D D12 Aluminum driveshaft & D34 Mod T56 insulator
- Lethal Performance TOB Sleeve
Pro 5.0 shifter
- Reverse lockout switch & timer
- Custom 11" metal puck single disk clutch made by Superior Clutch of San Jose
- Steeda firewall clutch adjuster
- Ford Racing clutch quadrant
- Prothane 6-504 motor mounts
- PLX M300 wideband O2 sensor in stock Mach 460 CD Deck
- PLX DM200 OBD gauge reading water temps and IATs
- Custom high capacity brass/copper radiator made by the Radiator Doctor in San Jose
- Mallory 255LPH fuel pump
- Griggs Racing Subframe Connectors
- Independent fog lights
- 98 Console with cup holders & aux power port (plus 95 “Transformer” cup holder)
- 2005 Mustang front seat swap
-  Nitto 555Rs on stock rims
- Owner tuned with SCT’s PRP, including Xcal2

Former Modifications:
- 2007 Shelby GT500 twin disk clutch & flywheel
- M
cLeod aluminum flywheel
- Apex Motorsports dual Kevlar clutch
- McLeod pressure plate (4v,10.5")
- BF  Goodrich G-Force TA KDs
- Fluidyne radiator



2nd Place, 94-98 Mustangs
TPS FordFest Car Show