Tigers United 97

The following pictures were taken on the last day of 1997's Tigers United in Eureka, CA. They vary in size from 100K to a little over 250K bytes depending on compression. These pictures were taken by Mark Olson using a Kodak DC-50 Digital Camera. I took pictures till I ran out of batteries. I apologize in advance for the poor artistry of the photographer. If anyone would like to supply captions or descriptions of any of these photos, please email them to me here. Please make note of which photo you're referring to.

Click on any of the images below for a larger view!

This group of pictures was taken at The Woodley Marina "Goose Poop" Concours lot:

We stopped at the childhood home of my neighbor on the way back to the Annex in order to get a picture of the Tiger in front of this majestic "Painted Lady."

This group of pictures was taken at the Eureka Inn Annex after the Concours:

This group of pictures was taken at the Awards Banquet at the Eureka Inn. I apologize to those who's pictures I didn't get for lack of batteries.

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