Kirk Even's MkII Tiger restoration project, pre-restoration

Chassis #: B382100587LRXFE
Engine #: 1794 A11KK
Colour Code: 86
JAL: 700493
Where it all begins. (181K)
Firewall, dash, bonnet latch. The joint between the transmission tunnel and floor pans will need replacing. (172K)
Left wheel arch. Not bad. Some grease and evidence of brake fluid spillage. (DOT5 will replace DOT3/4.) (208K)
Oil Cooler, Back of Alpine Grill. Rack & Pinion Steering.(214K)
Right wheel arch, remote vacuum boost (Kirk has both a rebuild kit and a Girling replacement unit.) (201K)
Charming Kirk got a close look at an original grill. He thinks he has the ability and motivation to build his own. (144K)
This fender will need some work but isn't too bad. (187K)
This fender will need a new dogleg and lower quarter panel.(175K)
Probably the straightest part of the car. The inside will need work where the battery was. (158K)
This fender will be getting lots of attention. Plenty of bondo under the tail lamp will need some work. (166K)
Passenger side rocker is rotted, but the driver side looks good. (136K)
The big picture, also the front end of Kirk's 1971 MGB GT with wires and an original and working British Leyland radio. (191K)
The frame needs some work but the top might need to be dumped.(174K)
Ouch! Kirk will try to straighten the bumper, weld it and decide if it's worth the effort to rechrome. (154K)
Good thing Kirk's a woodworker also. A new dash is definitely a go.(182K)
The interior. (159K)
Hub caps. Thank God there are four of these. (118K)
This transmission will clean up nicely. Kirk will take a look inside and check a few tolerances just in case it needs a rebuild. (174K)
This engine is what really made the deal sweet, but is that the original color? (193K)

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