An Alternative Hub Removal Method

From: Peter Stanisavljevich

I have an alternate method for popping those stubborn hubs. I heard about it several years ago, and was a scoffer until I tried it, and it worked.

The method requires a piece of heavy chain (8 to 10 feet long) and a sleeping bag:

Remove the rear wheel and drum.

Remove the cotter pin and loosen the rear hub nut, but do not remove. You don't want the hub hitting you when it pops off.

Attach the chain to the hub using the wheel studs and nuts.

Put the sleeping bag over the rear wheel well to protect the car.

Stand back about 8 feet and grab the chain (wearing gloves) and give the chain a couple of good flips up and down. Try to induce a wave motion into the chain. A couple of flips should do it. The hub will pop right off.

I admit it sounds like a hack job, but in practice is suprisingly elegant, and it does work. My hubs popped off in 2 and 3 snaps after 30 years on the car. Best thing about it: No mashed threads, no flatted cotter pin holes, no heating,etc. In fact NO AXLE OR HUB DAMAGE AT ALL!!!!

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