Tiger Autocad Model

Contributed by Jim Barrett.

There are two versions of the drawing. The first one, tiger31d.dwg (536K) is in the Autocad .dwg format and will require Autocad or Autocad Lite to read it. The view is plain from the front, but with the view command in Autocad the drawing can be presented in a 3 dimension view from any angle.

There is a cross section, 1" thick every 1" on separate layers. If one prints out the layers separately (with the 3 reference circles) then one can print out the cross sections to any scale and make a model if they care to try it. I did this in 1991 at 1/8 inch=1" scale and then pasted each print of a layer on 1/8" cardboard. I jig sawed then all out and drilled 1/16" holes at the center of the 3 reference circles. I strung the layers on 3 brazing rods and glued the layers together. Had to sand the assembly a bit as the 1" measurements were crude at places where the body dropped off fast. i.e. there were "steps" in the model that need to be fixed after the fact.

The second file, tiger31.dxf (1.1M) is in the .dxf format.   It results in larger files and is known as a drawing exchange file. Many other programs can read .DXF, but it will depend on the program's capabilities to rotate or view the drawing.

The data for the drawing was produced by measuring Z coordinates on a 1" XY grid above and alongside my Tiger. The hood scoop is a JC Whitney Z-28 ABS. The fenders have been slightly stretched to clear 235-50-13 Goodrich tires.

Contributed by Jim Barrett - TigerII 351C and others

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