Fuel Tank Replacement

Submitted by Steve Metcalfe

Ok, here's how it went for me. If anybody else has done this and has ways to improve on this, by all means add on.

Before I installed anything I had all pipes and tanks coated inside with a sealer to prevent rusting/leaking. Second, got new filler hose, fuel sender gasket and crossover pipe rubber from Rick at SS. I used the old style hose clamps which came with the car.Also, ran down to the local auto store and got a 6 foot length of 7/16" gas line hose. Now the fun begins....

First thread the 6 foot hose over the top of the trunk though the little channel (which is under the trunk hinges) Then I installed the crossover pipe. This seems easy enough (2 bolts) but the grommet which, surrounds the pipe at the body as it exits to the fuel line was a challenge. 3 things here; soap, water and patience. Next, you'll have to remove the spring which holds up the trunk lid of the side you're going to work on. Put the tank in and start the 2 bolts which are located in the wheel well(don't tighten yet). This will hold the tank in place while you grab a swig of beer.

Next, if your gas cap is still on at this point, take it off. The process is as follows: tank, filler hose, gas cap. There is NO other way here. So, put filler hose on, gas cap gasket, gas cap(4 screws). You should have your hose clamps already around the filler hose before putting on the cap. Next attach the brace which attaches at the rear of the tanks and car body (2 bolts, 1 threaded screw, and 2 nut/bolt combo).Be very careful when putting the bolt through the tank brace/tank. If you drop the bolt or nut, it is going to roll under the tank where you can't reach it (I speak here with experience) and you'll have to take tank out to get it.

Now tighten everything down including the filler hose clamps, and the six foot tank to tank hose which attaches to the drivers side tank and the little metal tube coming out of the filler hose neck (which by the way should be already in and clamped. When finished with the 2 tanks and braces all tightened down, this is a good time to get another beer.

Put hose and clamps on each end of the crossover pipe already installed. Push the hose all the way onto the pipe for now (don't forget your friend soap/water). Next put the hose on the end of the J pipe which attaches to the tank. Put the pipe in and connect the J pipe to tank. Then slide the hose down on the other end to connect the crossover pipe to the J pipe. You should have the clamps already around the hoses when doing this because you won't get them on when everythings in place.

Now get the big, LONG, screwdriver (standard). You know, that no B.S. one that you use for jobs that just don't quite need a crowbar, and tighten the hose clamps. A word of advice here: go slow, use patience and approx. 1 beer/2 tightened hose clamps.

When done with the clamps, connect the wire to the fuel sender and pray the damn thing won't leak. You're done. Good Luck.

Steve Metcalfe, MS02488@msbg.med.ge.com
Mk1 Tiger B9470636

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